About the portfolios

My portfolio is the web-design equivalent to the car dealer's showroom- a collection of designs I have done for other customers to give you an idea of the styles I tend to use. As you can see by looking through these, my designs have used several layout styles, consisting of both fixed-width and full screen types. The layout of your site is up to you; this is like the 'ideas' page at the end of a Lego book.

The Farr Homestead

The Farr Homestead is an organic family farm in Troy, Maine, with most marketing efforts split between direct-to-consumer sales and sales to small natural food stores. Since this business is my family's farm, the layout is a combination of both my work and my father's work. A big consideration with this site was the ability of mobile devices to view the content, and the mobile site was developed first with that in mind. The color scheme and photography are both designed to mimic the colors of the farm, with its hay field and multiple crop fields. Another large addition to the site was an editing program so that content could easily be added by the farm to the Seeds and Produce pages without modifying any code. This consists of a PHP script to generate the code and a separate edit page working in conjunction to turn image URLs and content into HTML. The site's main layout utilizes both CSS Flexbox and Grid; backwards compatibility for browsers that don't understand these newer technologies was not a concern, since the main focus of the design was newer desktop computers and mobile devices. You can view this site at http://www.farrhomestead.com.

Farr Organic Orchard

Farr Orchard is my organic apple orchard business, now in its second year. For its website, I wanted a color scheme that would reflect the colors of apple season- deep red and dark purple became the colors of choice, with a dark gray for the main content. Since the orchard's main marketing distinctions are its many heirloom and unusual varieties of apples and its organic management, those points received the most coverage in the content. The contact page for this site is reused from www.farrhomestead.com, since the site is a subdomain of that web address. It is also fully mobile friendly, with content scaling flawlessly to fit even narrow smartphone screens. The site is online at http://orchard.farrhomestead.com.